Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good Day

My not so ideal morning turned into quite a lovely day! Though I should not be allowed in B&P's....

Made away with some essentials and some.. ahem.. not so essentials

I am WAY too excited to try those mini vegan PB ice cream sandwiches... (have you ever heard such a beautiful description?) and just for the record if you have not tried those PB filled pretzels... get on that quick.

After I got back from working on my paper over lunch and shopping I was totally in the mood for some yoga. I did a David Farmar 60 minute vinyasa flow podcast and it was really nice! Not my favorite, I have one from yoga download that I love but this is a good, free alternative! 

After yoga I was feeling kind low blood sugar so I had an apple while I worked more on my paper (got a good start over lunch earlier). 

Dinner was super simple and delicious in the form of a baked sweet potato with barney butter and naturally more because I couldn't decide =) and of course cinnamon.

And a spinach salad with cauliflower, mixed dried fruit, chickpeas and some white wine vinegar and garlic salt. 

Simple yet satisfying! I'm now feelin' good and watching Blue Crush, anyone seen it?

Hope you had an awesome Saturday, any fun plans for Sunday?


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  1. ahh those mini vegan ice cream sandwiches sound so so good!!! i would LOVE THOSE!