Friday, February 18, 2011

Fearless Friday's

Morning all! I've decided to start a TPL series called "Fearless Friday's". I mentioned yesterday that I started journaling this week and I wrote down a lot of things that I'm currently afraid of. Every Friday I think we should all identify something that scared us this week and how we overcame it OR something that is still scaring you and how you would like to conquer it. I'll go first!

I'm afraid of training for the marathon for a lot of reasons but a big one is the afterward. I'm afraid I'll feel worthless when I'm not in training anymore and won't know what to do. How do I plan to overcome it? Try not to think so much, the marathon is not until October! Who knows what will happen, maybe I'll be totally psyched it's over or maybe I'll start training for a triathlon!

Something I have not been afraid of lately? Food experiments, my creative juices have been flowing lately! But before I had breakfast I had a pure protein bar because I woke up absolutely famished and I also had an amazing workout which I hope to post later today! Oh and just for the record snick-snakin' last night was a piece of cinnamon raisin sprouted grain bread with almond and coconut butter and some dried mixed berries!


Sweet and Fruity Egg and Cheese Sandwich

Inspired by One Fit Foodie


2 pieces toast of choice (I used ezekiel cinnamon-raisin sprouted grain)

1/3 cup scrambled egg whites

1/2 granny smith apple diced

2 tsp fruit spread

1 wedge swiss laughing cow cut in half


spoonful of sunflower butter

How To

Scramble eggs with the diced apple and cinnamon (I use the microwave but a pan would be ideal)

Spread half of the cheese on each piece of toast with 1 tsp fruit spread

Top bread with egg and apple mixture

drizzle with sunflower butter

Eat and be FLOORED


Had with zen green tazo... my favorite!


Off to my last classes for the week, yay Friday!



Share your Fearless Friday story!

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  1. I am afraid of getting hurt and not being able to run in the Chicago Marathon, so I am doing everything possible to be smart in my training and prevent injuries. And if the worst happens, I can always WALK the Chicago Marathon :)?