Friday, February 18, 2011

Cardio/Strength Circuit

This will give you a killer total body workout in just about an hour!

15 min. Elliptical Trainer 
-5 min warm up forward    
-9 minutes of regular, speed and reverse interval at 1 min each
-1 min cool down

Strength Set 1 (Repeat 3 times)
-15 standard biceps curls with heavy weight
-30 squats (10 basic, 10 prisoner, 10 sumo stance)
-12 triceps french curls with heavy weight
-12 side lunges with row
Repeat set 2 times with heavy weights and drop to light on the 3rd set

10 minutes stationary bike
-level 7 through 11 turning up one every minute twice through

Strength Set 2 (Repeat 3 times) 
-12 each side bent over single arm row with heavy weight
-15 Dead-lift with upright row at top with heavy weight-12 on second set-10 on third set
-12 chest press with heavy weight - on second set lying chest flies- on third decline push up's
- 12 arm transformer (described here) on each side

5 minute bike with set seen above once through 

Strength Set 3 (the quickie finisher!)
- 12 waking lunges with front raise and twist (have one weight in both hands, raise to shoulder height as you lunge and twist to one side)
-12 walking lunges with front raise and knee raise (as you come out of your lunge bring your back leg up to hip height, should work your core)
30 crunches on stability ball
30 pilates single leg stretch
20 reverse crunches
60 bicycle crunches (30 each side)
30 second side plank each side
Hold plank until failure

Done! Congrats on your awesome workout!

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