Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Declarations, Rest and Rewards

After cutting my run a little short this morning I was actually feeling pretty good until I started to walk to class about and hour and a half later and I had MASSIVE knee pain on the outside of my right knee, so bad I couldn't walk without crying. I'm pretty sure it's my IT band so I've ordered a foam roller and have been taking anti-inflammatory's and icing so hopefully it will be better soon. My next scheduled run in Saturday for nine miles. I am on a very good track for training for my half in May so depending on how I feel it may happen or not. 

Lunch was an amazing salad at work
Spinach and cauliflower with baked sweet potato, tofu, red delicious and spinach artichoke hummus. Topped with white whine vinegar, wheat germ and honey drizzle. And a cheese stick for something a little more.

Afternoon snack satisfied my protein and dried fruit addictions

Reading on food deserts was done in this position

And in non-injury news... I got an 86% on my bio test.. woo hoo!! I am not a big science person but am learning to become one for my major (which I also officially declared today!!!!) so this was a very good thing =).

I decided to reward myself for these two accomplishments with a boring yet favorite meal

My favorite sandwich grilled this time and with honey

Broccoli and asparagus with garlic salt and nutritional yeast 

Love this meal! Hopefully going to be a little productive after dinner tonight as well, fingers crossed! 


Are you having any body pain? 
How do you reward accomplishment?

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