Thursday, February 10, 2011

Experimental Thrills

To mention for accountability sake for a study snack last night I had some Kashi honey sunshine cereal and a little glass of milk, moving on to today!

 Due to the recent "fad" of sweet potato breakfast's like here and here I had a very experimental breakfast... but first I had some banana and PB before my workout.

 My knee is feeling a little better and I didn't have any weight bearing activity planned but I did go a little easier on the bike and got some good stretching in.

 Breakfast was amazing. 


I cooked 1/2 of a leftover baked sweet potato from my lunch yesterday (he was HUGE) with a severing of TVP cooked in milk instead of water to form a very creamy amazing base. I then topped with yogurt, raisins, some coconut butter, chopped walnuts and a pound a decent amount of cinnamon. 

Friends, I cannot even describe, just go do this now please. 

The week is winding down! Things I am thrilled about
It's already Thursday
I am super on top of school
It's supposed to be 40 DEGREES!!! on Sunday =) 

Things I am not thrilled about
The high for today is 3
My roommates boyfriend is arriving tonight =P

More on the good list=happy day 


What's on your good list today? 

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