Monday, April 4, 2011

Local or Organic?

I've mentioned in a few other posts that I am taking a class this semester called Contemporary Food Movements. As a vegetarian and self proclaimed foodie I love the topics that we study in this course, however much of the reading does cause a certain amount of indignation.

Today I read an article about corporation organic food. Many organic companies that began as grass roots and local have been bought by large corporations that continue the homegrown story in order to sell products. For instance, Kashi is actually owned by Kellogs, Cascadian Farms by Gerneral Mills, Horizon Organic by Dean's and Odwalla by none other that Coca Cola.

Personally, I don't think this information will change the way I shop though it may cause a bit of guilt knowing that the family farm story on my box of cereal is a straight lie.

For lunch I wanted to try a little something new with my salad


Spinach, raw tofu, cucus,mushrooms,apple, raisins and walnuts with white wine vin and garlic salt. Delicious! I also had a chewy kashi bar... ironically.

Photo 9.jpg

And got some great mail today!! 26 oz of almond butter (I was NOT about to go a whole month without it, sorry) and the new and my first Clean Eating magazine... I love today.

Due to my mail, snack was a given


And for dinner I made a ROCKING sandwich. Whole wheat pita with hummus, string cheese, tomato sauce, green olives and italian seasoning.


Like a Mediterranean pita pizza pocket, so good! Plus some steamed broc on the side.


Currently enjoying some PB toast and raisins and maybe a handful of cereal for dessert, see you tomorrow beautiful people!



What's more important to you, local or organic?

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  1. I like buying local. I read something about how a lot of organic companies are so large scale that they're causing more environmental damage than smaller scale, local farms. Of course, organic is better than conventional :) That being said, I've bought things locally that aren't certified organic because it costs so much money, but I know the produce is grown without pesticides or anything funky. Plus, it's cool to support a small business!