Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The weather today has been absolute crap. It's been raining 98% of the day, it's as dark as when I went to bed last night and the wind nearly blew me away. It was 60 degrees yesterday... I hate the midwest = /.

DSCI0083.JPG Good thing I got veggies in at lunch with a big salad. Spinach, baby carrots, hard boiled eggs and peas (my new favorite salad thing) plus a brown rice wrap.

DSCI0084.JPG Weather craving #1 was a large cafe au lait from my school coffee shop


Chobani topped with craving #2- chocolate cherry granola

And for dinner there literally only one thing that was going to hit the spot. Pancakes. But unfortunately somehow they ended up tiny =(

DSCI0092.JPG Compared to a tablespoon

DSCI0094.JPG So I went nut butter crazy plus 1/2 banana from this morning, honey, fruit spread and a piece of pumpkin bread. I also had a little bowl of frozen peach slices for some nutrients.

DSCI0097.JPG I was actually still hungry after this so I had this plate and another handful of butter toffee almonds.

I've also had a piece of toast with PB2 and some dark chocolate and I'm getting hungry again! I really think I need to eat more earlier in the day, I have had MAJOR snack attacks the past few nights! I'm going to try and start bigger lunches and afternoon snacks and see what happens.



How do you deal with crap-tastic weather?

When do you eat the majority of your calories for the day? Or do you feel you spread them evenly? I try to spread them evenly but I feel like my lunch is always too small just because I'm normally in a hurry.


  1. when the weather outside is blechy (as it so often is in cleveland) I try to put on my favorite songs...mostly peppy ones to get my mood up and wear bright colors even through the urge to just put on my typical gray sweatshirt and jeans. I'm just so proud of you Caitlin!! really immensely proud and so happy for you!! and omg! yesterday I had my chobani with some banana sliced into it and a drizzle of honey! DELICIOUS!!

  2. I need to try peas on my salad!! Do you buy them frozen and cook up a whole batch?

    Lately Ive been getting so hungry at night too! Maybe im not eating enough calories throughout the day? I need to work on that.