Saturday, March 19, 2011

Official Foodie

What do foodies get excited about?


Nut butter (exotic and overpriced is best)


Different varieties of greens that we promptly turn into chips .


Who knows why... we just love it.

Any kind of grain that isn't wheat (although some of us do still like wheat!)

Nooch, because who doesn't love making your veggies taste like cheese while getting all the B12 you need for life?



Seeds! Chia being the variety of the day! They came in the mail yesterday from amazon. I decided to try them with lunch today!


I also wanted everything else in my room.... yea. Sesame toast one with avocado, tomato and hot sauce (don't judge) and one with laughing cow and ch-ch-ch-chia! Baby carrots and strawberries as well.

And the verdict? Awesome... duh. Fun, tiny, crunchy texture added with amazing nutrients packed in!



Have you tried chia seeds? How should I use them?

Add more foods to my foodie loves list! I've already also thought of sweet potatoes, yogurt, honey and cinnamon

1 comment:

  1. Yep, you pretty much hit all the major food loves in my book!

    No judging necessary on the toast combo...sounds amazing!

    You HAVE to try chia seeds in your next overnight oats! They really thicken them up! It's like eating pudding!