Saturday, March 19, 2011

How I Jam

Recently my workout music had not been doing it for me. In fact there have been a few time where I've biked for an hour with no entertainment... painful. The other day I splurged (just a little) on iTunes and got some new tunes. I made a new playlist and it totally powered me through my run this morning!

Picture 2.png

In a running song I look for:

A good beat: Ke$ha does a great job with this

Motivation: 'Till I Collapse, Heart of a Champion and Lose Yourself are my favorites.

Something fun: Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga... enough said



Triscuts, banana and dark chocolate dreams plus the rest of the banana

un-pictured apple and a few almonds

Dinner was my take on Carrie's lucious bowl! Do you read her blog? She's amazing!


Spinach, mushrooms, broccoli and yellow pepper topped with a vegan boca. I made a sauce out of tomato sauce, hummus, red pepper flakes and garlic salt all mixed with some water and microwaved, it turned out really well! The sprinkled it all with nooch.


For grain contribution I had a brown rice wrap with a little fruit spread on the side, straight off my desk... all class.



What do you look for in workout music?

What's top on your playlist right now? Born this way! I know I'm not alone!

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  1. Ugh! I SO need to update my playlist! Our little secret, but I have never actually paid for song downloads before. Unfortunately, my little friends over at Limewire got the can...I haven't had any new tuneage in FOREVER! I've been using Pandora on my iPhone, but when I picked the Club/Dance station for my run the other day...the song selection made me want to scream!

    I love your selection! Seems like we have similar tastes in music. That new Gaga song is awesome! I'm always looking for something with a good fast beat!