Friday, March 18, 2011

Reclaiming Spirit

"Laugh when you can, It is cheap medicine" -Lord Byron

I have that quote next to my mirror at home. For the majority of my life I was known among family and friends and the laugher. I laughed loud, often, until I cried. People knew my laugh, people said they loved my laugh. I loved my laugh, I loved to laugh.

Disordered eating takes a tole on your body, mind, relationships and spirit. I have been doing very well in the body and mind field.. i have recently started taking steps in the relationship and spirit as well.

Today I worked on a project with two people in my biology class who I am quickly making friends with, something that has not happened in some time. As we worked Murphy's Law kicked in hard. We had no idea how to use the program, the printer was out of paper, or professor could not tell our good graph from our bad graph example... it was hilarious. We all cracked up together the entire time.

I have not laughed the much or that hard in the past eight months combined. I am getting my spirit back. I got my laugh back, I want to tell my bad habits "You will not take my laugh ever again"

Some eats today


Leftover roasted sweet potatoes with cottage cheese, raisins and cinnamon


I ordered more PB2 and it came with a sample of these vanilla muffins . I'm not a fan of low carb products just because I need and love carbs so I hate to say that these were actually TOTALLY delicious. Especially topped with PB2!


Dinner was a simple veggie and cheese omelette, sprouted grain english muffin with smart balance light, blackberry fruit spread and sunflower butter and mango slices.

On a side not I got an e-mail from PerMa today with the subject "shopping like a blogger"

PerMa TJ's.jpg

Blogger type purchases for sure =).



What made you laugh today?

Fun weekend plans?


  1. i love that quote!!! and im so jealous of your pb2! i have some waiting for me in the states!! im excited to go out and run this morning :D

  2. That sweet p bowl is totally something I would eat! YUM!