Thursday, March 3, 2011

I like to move it move it

Alright friends, just for a head up things may get a little crazy over the next three days. You know that my meals have been repetitive trying to use up food but I also found out last night that over the next two days (and mostly today) I will be moving to a new room on campus (long story). So between using food, packing up my entire room and food stash and packing for spring break... things may get some kind of bananas!

I've been doing decent using food, I had the last of my cottage cheese last night with some kashi honey sunshine and sunflower butter

I cut my workout a little short in favor of packing and saving energy for moving but I started with my last piece of whole wheat bread and end of the hummus


I did 40 minutes of bike intervals (did you see last weeks post? ) And then held plank for 3 minutes and side plank for a minute on each side.


Yogurt bowl for breakfast (sorry it's mixed I'm rushing and hungry)

In the mix is nuked sweet potato, yogurt, dried cranberries, ground flax, cinnamon and honey

Alright, off to pack, take a break for a mid term, pack more and start the move!



Any bloggers out there with last minute moving advice?

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