Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hump, Sun, Sandwich, Cookies, Boys

It took mw a hot minute to get over the hump today! Running back and forth between the library and my room to get my report to print, hustling to class and work meeting all after breakfast and before lunch! Lunch was half of this bagDSCI0011.JPG

Beefed up with eggs, honey roasted peanuts and a bunch of veggies drowned in Bragg's liquid aminos. It was an awesome combo, like fried rice! Plus an orange. See what's under my lunch?DSCI0003.JPG

Grass! I ate outside in the sun today!! My friend Patrick found me alone doing homework over lunch as usual so he and his roast beef/frito sandwich actually joined me!



One snack plate of a few. I also had the same snack as yesterday because it was so good and some sweet potato chips.


Dinner was a veggie chik'n pattie (the grilled kind instead of breaded like a normally get, I really liked it!). On sesame toast with cheese, hummus, tomato, dijon and ketchup. Best sandwich I have made in a good while!

Also a spinach, red pepper, mushroom salad with superfruit berry dressing and a pickle.

mmmm.... cheese


Main dessert, more nuts and chocolate were had as well. I've gotten SO much work done this week that around 7:45 I really felt it un-necessary to keep going to I took more advantage of my new toaster!


Cookies!! Basically this recipe but slightly adapted because I don't have everything. I used some stevia and a mix of agave and honey with more than it calls for in place of both sugars. I also changed the mix-ins to dark chocolate chips, raisins and cinnamon. I had 1/2 of one and they are good! I actually could have used more PB but still delish!

I only had 1/2 of one because I'm hoping to save the majority in case someone is interested in them. One of the benefits of Project New Nutrition is a re-newed interest I have all of a sudden been having in boys ( I was way not into for a while). My lunch friend today is one example but a better one is my bio buddy, super cute and on the track team (runner!!!!). I have bio again Friday so some of the cookies have to last until then, I hope he's not allergic to PB.... which would be a deal breaker anyway!

Watching the new Glee and about to eat probably a few mugs of cereal, hopefully will be on a more regular blogging schedule soon! Love you all!!



What's your favorite cookie to eat and bake? I love to bake peanut butter cookies and sugar cookies that are fun shapes. I have recently been craving shortbread so that is clouding my favorite eats answer.

How did you like this weeks Glee?

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