Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Specialty Diets

I am currently working on research for my semester long contemporary food movements paper on the raw food movement. My paper explores how this food movement relates to others similar such as the organic food movement and vegetarianism. The main difference I've found so far is the ladder two have a moral, larger ground that they base their reasoning on (animal rights and the environment being the main two) but the raw food movement seems to be solely based on the health of an individual. The research question that I will be posing is can the raw food movement be sustained as a social movement without the bases of a broader social movement?

I am a vegetarian and it did indeed start for broader social reasons though now I have added health into my reasoning!
Today's eats have been amazingly enjoyable! For lunch I had a salad with barley, green beans, some assorted other frozen veggies to finish off the bag, apple slice and a vegan boca burger

Topped it with dijon and white wine vinegar and had with a string cheese
This afternoon I invented a dip! I'l post the super easy recipe tomorrow 
"Protein Guacamole" with Triscut Thins... looks gross, tastes great! 

And for dinner I whipped up a chickpea dish that was quite good if I do say so!
Chickpeas cooked in veggie broth with onions and mushrooms and "gumbo file" seasoning (sassafras and thyme combo) with steamed okra

Although the star of the show was no doubt
Honey- cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes inspired by The Athlete's Plate

I pretty much followed the recipe... just scaled it down to Caitlin size =). 

Off to more research land, busy day tomorrow!


Do you follow any kind of "specialty" diet?
What's your reason behind it?  

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  1. Interesting research topic. Honestly, my experiences with the raw food movement is that there *does* seem to be more behind it than individual health, although it's not a targeted social issue like vegetarianism/veganism. There seems to be a general feeling of "love yourself, love the earth, spread joy" amongst raw foodies. (Personally, I only lasted about 2 weeks, but I can definitely see the appeal!)