Friday, February 4, 2011

Peat and Repeat are in a boat.....

Peat falls out, who was left?

Sorry, breakfast repeat! It was bound to happen soon enough...

No not even the pancakes! I had virtually the same chocolate protein eggy oats from monday, cooked with a peppermint tea bag, so good!

Today I did ET cross training and weights. I do heavy upper and body weight lower on Friday's in preparation for my long run on Saturday. Today I completed my biceps sequence with.... 12 LBS dumbbells!!! Yay for making strength gains!

Before I left....
String cheese and raisins

I've been trying some different pre-workout snacks.

 I would normally go for fruit and nut butter or toast with american cheese and jam or before a long run a bowl of dry cereal and fruit or a cliff bar. 

I'm trying to find the best "tried and true" for marathon training but I like to have options! 

Oats cooked with milk, egg whites, chocolate whey protein, truvia and peppermint tea bag

Topped with cinnamon craisins and some dried chopped figs (to mix it up)

With cranberry/orange white tea

Definitely a coffee in class type morning! We have a guest speaker coming to talk about the "Real Foods Challenge", I'm super excited and will report back tonight or this afternoon! Also FINALLY have my bio test this afternoon, feeling pretty good about it! HAPPY FRIDAY!!


What's your favorite pre-workout snack?
Do you lift to get stronger or just to stay "toned"?


  1. Pre-workout: Toasted everything bagel with orange marmalade...

  2. My health club outs out plenty of coffee.