Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hump Day

Today definitely had a "hump day" type feel for me, not a ton of motivation but still just moving along. Ah well, at least it's officially almost the weekend! I did get yet another exiting delivery from amazon...

DSCI0008.JPG PB2! I ordered this because many people seem to like it. I have absolutely nothing against the fat or calories in any nut butter but this may be a fun flavoring addition to oatmeal along with other nuts! I was really into my lunch today actually, odd assortment but it hit the spot!


I had a baked potato from school topped with jalepenos, laughing cow that I packed and ketchup. I also packed up some baby carrots and homemade trail mix with mixed dried berries and dark cocoa mint roasted almonds (get these now please and thanks). And since I got my package right before lunch and thought I could use a little something more anyway quickly mixed up my new product!

The verdict? Not 100% peanut butter but honestly close enough and delicious! Actually pretty sweet already... might make a fun frosting substitute?

I thought this was pretty... =)


I had to run to a work meeting after class so I had a string cheese on the way and a little later had about a serving of whole wheat goldfish (please use your imagination)

Dinner was going to be an egg sandwich in the midst of paper writing but I'm way on track so I got a tiny bit more creative!


Pan fried egg on a big pile of veggie with nutritional yeast (it's been too long, like a week!) and some dried chopped figs.


On the side an english muffin with smart balance light and fruit spread

Still quick super quick and amazingly delicious!

I felt odd putting my smart balance on after reading this quote in "Eat Here"

" I prefer butter to margarine because I trust cows more then chemists" LOL. I tend to agree though smart balance is a blend of butter and oil so I feel a little legit =).

Dessert/snack will surely be pretzles and nut butter because it was honestly what I wanted for dinner =P.



Are you feeling the weekend yet?

What is your favorite bread topper?

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