Thursday, February 24, 2011

Diet or Health?

Evening! I have a good deal of things for you tonight so let's get to it! Today for lunch I packed up some tofu salad then got the makings for a sandwich at the school snack bar.



After. I just mixed about 1/4 block tofu with 2 big scoops of nutritional yeast, black pepper and some Mrs. Dash no-salt tomato-basil seasoning. On russian rye with onions and spinach. I normally get wheat berry bread but this looked super good and I looked at the ingredient list and it was pretty legit! Only partially whole wheat but I'll take it! Had with a mix of dark chocolate mint almonds, craisins and raisins.


When I was photographing this guy I know asked what I was doing (fair question) and I explained to him that I write a healthy living blog about my life through exercise, food and school. He thought it was super cool but gestured to his fries and taco salad and said "bet you wouldn't see food like this on there". I responded that I try for a balance of healthy food and treats and if I happened to eat that I would post it.

He then said "I could never do that, I love my calories". I was shocked and responded "I'm in training for a marathon, I love mine too!"

I think it's amazing how health is automatically associated with diet. It wasn't even thought that I'm not trying to lose weight but really just trying to be healthy.

Now let's play a little question game!

Q:What do you do when you are starving after class and really want hummus but only have this much left? =(


A: Create nut-butter hummus


Blob each of sunflower and PB


Mixed up with carrots and apples... SO GOOD!

Q: What do you do when you are not really in the mood to cook and can't think of anything except your bio test tomorrow and have been craving middle eastern food?


A: Get WAY too excited when you remember you have this!

Cooked up one serving according to the box (kind of like mac and cheese) and added onions, tomatoes, broccoli and a boca vegan burger for bulk


And made a quick amazing sauce out of these plus lemon juice and water (it tasted EXACTLY like the tahini yogurt from my favorite middle eastern restaurant at home! Too excited again).

All served over spinach with red pepper flakes and a little spoonful of dried chopped figs.

DSCI0059.JPGBowl of freakin' amazingness.

Who's ready for Friday!?



Any thoughts on the story above?

What's your favorite type of ethnic food?

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