Saturday, February 19, 2011


What's that? A chick because it's almost spring? NO! It's my amazing cheap grocery finds! I've talked a little before about my limited grocery options being walgreen's, save-a-lot, wal mart on occasion and of course B&P's (not cheap). This morning I discovered home care pharmacy which is kind of a save-a-lot walgreen's combo and on the way to save-a-lot, score!

From my new found store I got


Frozen berries, canned pumpkin, honey wheats (addicted), tom's natural toothpaste (anyone tried this?) a chocolate power bar, dired apricots (no craisins available and I'm almost out!), and a magazine with some amazing recipes! All about $17 holla!

I then scurried over to save-a-lot to get some essentials for the week


Spinach, a gigantic sweet potato (I only get one because I get about 3 uses from it, it's that big!), mushrooms, chocolate chips, carrots, sunflower seeds, "woven wheat" crackers


Just like Triscuts, way cheaper and check out the ingredient list, not too bad at all my friends!


Did I mention that someone stole my eggs last week?! There were 11 left and the WHOLE carton disappeared, rude! So I took some initiative this week. All of that loot was get this.... ready? $13.78, you cannot beat that!

I actually did go to the gym today, I was just super in the mood! Rest day will come easily with the gross weather and yoga club tomorrow. Before I went I had a pita with PB2 sauce again, this is turning into the ideal pre-workout snack and for some reason the combo is unexpectedly delicious! I got a GREAT bike workout in, 15 minutes random warm-up, 40 minutes intervals, 10 minute cool down with a few no resistance sprints. Lunch came in the form of pizza eggs


Pizza Eggs

I scrambled...

1 egg + 1/4 cup egg whites

2 chopped mushrooms

A handful of spinach

minced onion, garlic salt, italian seasoning

Then topped the mixture with...

2 tbsp tomato sauce

2 tbsp nutritional yeast (cheese would be amazing too of course!)

Had them with a brown rice wrap torn up for more fun and some frozen strawberries... a few chocolate chips jumped in the bowl also which was a good choice =).

I'm currently doing something I have not done all semester.. tragic! Sitting in my favorite little coffee shop having my favorite drink! Skim sugar-free english toffee latte and getting ready for some bio studying, see you for dinner!



Do you have a favorite local coffee shop or do you just hit up starbucks? I have no opposition to starbucks there's just not one in walking distance!

How do you take your coffee?

Pizza or eggs?

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