Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bean Disaster

I finally made it to the gym! And on the way saw this AMAZING sight...
GRASS!! And sunshine... so I perhaps smell a teaser of spring... maybe? 

I got in an awesome workout. I'm not used to working out in the afternoon though it happens on occasion or on Sunday's unless it's a power walk or yoga but since I'm good on schoolwork I was into it!

I did a moderatly easy longer workout including 65 min random stationary bike while reading, 15 minute very light elliptical with reverse intervals and some ab work


S'mores Pure Protein... ooey gooey middle =)

And ever since Megan over at The Oatmeal Diaries had that lunch, I have been CRAVING it! I would have made it with black beans but due to a pot left too long on the stove with not enough water that dream was crushed... and I may need a new pot.

Taco salad with TVP, lettuce, tomatoes, corn, mexican blend cheese, corn, salsa, avocado and greek yogurt. 

Topped with red pepper flakes, garlic salt and pepper

And served with these! 
I decided to not bore you with all my groceries because they were pretty standard (produce fresh and frozen) but I got these for tonight and they are amazing! Check them out!

All ready for Monday, the high for Thursday is 50 degrees! That hope will surely get me through the week!


Are you feeling any kind of SPRING where you are?
Do you have any fun things planned for tomorrow? I'm planning on some fun V-Day themed meals and treating myself a little bit!

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