Friday, February 25, 2011

Advice and Recipes

Hello weekend! The best part? Only one week until Spring break! I had a bio exam today so I fueled up at lunch with some avocado egg salad.


One whole egg and two egg white mashed with avocado, siracha and mustard. Over spinach, corn, tomatoes, green bell pepper and nutritional yeast. Orange on the side.


I killed my exam so treated myself to a little stroll and some grocery goodies! On the way to the store I had this bar. Flaxy kind of day? Although it did majorly take care of my hunger and powered my afternoon... flax I think I love you.


The goodies... how insanely food blogger of me =P. I am very excited for those sweet potato chips though!

For dinner I had an idea of what I wanted to I pulled inspiration from two of my favorites.


Black Bean Sweet Potato Warm Salad with Coconut

Inspired by Caroline and Angela

Serves 1


1.25 cups sweet potato diced

2/3 cup canned black beans

1/3 cup frozen diced onion

1 tbsp coconut butter


How To

Microwave the sweet potato cubes in the microwave in a shallow dish with about an inch of water until just soft. Heat black beans and in liquid from can in a shallow sauce pan, add sweet potatoes once warm. Allow to simmer until most of the liquid has evaporated. Plate and top with cinnamon and coconut butter.

I was quite happy with the results!


Had with okra and ketchup and some apricot splash white tea (good stuff!)

Now a quick question. I've mentioned that I've struggled in the past with fueling my activity. This is for a number of reasons but one is that I tend to gravitate toward low-calorie, high fiber foods that are very filling so when I am listening to my body I do not always take in adequate calories.

I am concerned about this as my half-marathon approaches and I will get deep into marathon training. For any running or very active vegetarians or health junkies out there, how, when in training, do you make sure you are getting enough calories to fuel your activity? Do you count? I realize that not everything works for everyone but I would just like some feedback!

Does anyone else see carbs and nut butter in my future? If you did not say yes, you may not pass go, you may not collect $200.



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