Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's wrong with you?

I was brushing my teeth this morning and a girl in my hall asked what I was doing up so early. I told her that I had a long run and it's better to do it in the morning because it takes a long time, get it out of the way etc. and I am in training for a half marathon. The response?

What's wrong with you? Not in a mean way, she's very sweet. However the question was in my head through the whole run. Not just for me, but for all runners. What is wrong with us? Why do we do what we do?

Today on my run I had to stop to go to the bathroom twice, my shin hurt, my stomach hurt, I had a coughing fit, the wind almost blew me away and I ran through all of it. And had an amazing run.


Today I set a new PDR! There were so many times on this run I thought I wasn't going to finish. I even told myself to only do seven. At the exact moment the number hit eleven Lady Gaga blasting into my ears told me "I was born to be brave" and I burst into tears.

That is what's "wrong" with me. That is why I run.

Plus it makes me feel like this DSCI0332.JPG

I'm cool

Before I left I had a clif bar (standard) and then because my stomach was feeling odd dairy was not appealing so I had two waffles with cashew butter, cream cheese, banana, honey and cinnamon.


My cashew butter is disappearing too quickly for my liking. It's like someone has just been eating with a spoon at night or something... weird.

Have an awesome Saturday!



Why do you run?

Or for non-runners, what do you do to give you that same feeling?


  1. Running is life's re-set button!

  2. I would tell that girl to shove it. LOL.

    Imagine how much of a nut she thinks I am ;)

  3. Haha, my friends think I'm crazy too! I don't really talk about my running with anyone (other than bloggers!) so when I casually mention that I get up at the crack of dawn to run on the weekends, people think I am nuts :)