Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Separation is Key

It was snowing today when I left class. There were tears. Although from twitter I am glad to know that it's not just my neck of the woods!

Remember this morning I mentioned that PerMa sent me this book?DSCI0100.JPG

Well as I mentioned I haven't finished i but I have already been applying some of the tactics of recovery and they have been helping! I'm going to start giving sharing somewhat regular tips as I come across them and they help me!

I've posted my favorite tips so far right on my bookshelf so I see the whenever I'm on my computer.


Tip #1- Separate your personality from your E.D.

Your E.D. will tell you one thing, whatever it is, it is a lie. It is wrong. It goes against your true values. It can only hurt you. Learning to separate your thoughts and beliefs from your E.D's is the first major step. Literally say out loud what it is telling you and then say the truth. Address it like a person. For me, the way I've been telling the difference is asking myself "would you tell someone else to do that?"

For instance, today I thought I should have a light lunch so I can eat a ton of crap at night and feel alright about it because I need the calories. Then I stopped, does that really make sense, would you tell anyone else to do that? Clearly it was E.D talking. Caitlin then said but I'm starving now and I need good fuel to make it through my afternoon class. I had a wrap with a lot more hummus than I normally use (which is not enough) a ton of baby carrots, cashews and raisins (both energy dense).

It completely filled me up without stuffing me at all, I was awake and alert through the afternoon and only just got hungry for an afternoon snack when I got back instead of sitting through the second half of class starving.


Apple and almond butter


For dinner I was inspired by Namaste Gurl ! I made some nooch pancakes, I followed what's on her blog but I added cumin and a handful of frozen corn to make them mexican!


I topped them with a bunch of mushed avocado, greek yogurt and salsa. I also had roasted red pepper and broccoli (o my I forgot how much I loved it, definitely back in the rotation!)

Now enjoying a sprouted grain english muffin with PB2 and dark chocolate chips and watching the newest House! I'm so behind on shows!



Do you talk to yourself? I always have and now do even more... yes out loud no matter where I am, I whisper to myself in public.

What shows do you watch every week? I love House, Glee, The Office and 30 Rock. When I'm at home I also hit up Real Housewives of New York and Bethenney.

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