Friday, January 28, 2011

Attempting moderation is key

Good morning blog world! I woke up this morning to my standard routine, snack, workout, shower/get ready, breakfast. The only problem this morning was I was A) WAY hungrier than normal upon first waking up ( I believe that you should be hungry for breakfast when you wake up but this was beyond normal breakfast hunger) and B) I had no clue what I wanted pre-workout or for breakfast! I normally plan as I fall asleep because my mornings tend to be a little rushed but I guess nothing was calling to me last night.

Anyway first thing was first, I knew I needed a more satisfying snack than normal so I dug through my bar stash and came out with a peanut butter power bar.

Normally I would only have this while on a long run. I wasn't too happy with my highly processed and high in refined sugar choice but sometimes it's alright if your body needs just some quick, filling fuel... plus it was DELICIOUS!

Friday is my "do what you feel and don't push too hard" workout day because Saturday is my long run, and I was feeling pretty good today! I did 40 minutes on the ET with speed and reverse intervals and then some full body strength only using body weight for lower body focusing a lot on chest and back, killer!

I then rushed back to my room where the only word in my head for breakfast was "fast!" So I finally settled on....

Two whole grain waffles topped with a delicious yogurt mix (1/2 cup plain greek, 2 tbsp chocolate protein powder, 1/2 mushed banana, cherry extract, cinnamon, truvia packet) and about 3 tbsp of trailmix because the salty was calling out to me!
leftover yogurt mixture for extra dippage!

Along with apple cinnamon green tea in my fave mug! "Ladies who Lift" =)

Always eaten at my desk with a side of homework or blogs!

This is where the message of moderation comes into play, these as well have an extensive ingredient  list and I was debating with myself because they could have easily been replaced with raw oats or wheat chex. But they were fast and what I truly wanted to I went for it anyway! Sometimes things happen, you have what you want and you do better at the next meal, no point in stressing! 

I'm off to pack lunch and go to class, see you later!


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