Sunday, February 27, 2011

Use it Up!

Afternoon! I had a very nice walk this morning, it usually takes me about 7 minutes to walk to the store but I just turned it into a 30 minute brisk walk, about 15 at the store and 10 minute back! I made a friend along the way...

doggie friend.jpg

He followed me for a very long block! Even if I started to get away he would sprint to catch back up... I want please and thank you. <3 <3 <3

I just had some veggies plus a few non food things to grab because I am realizing that I have food to be used! So just for a warning my food stuffs may get repetitive the next week and there will be a lot of eggs, hummus, tofu, baby carrots and greek yogurt x10000.... more so than usual with this stuff =P.

For lunch I started with using an avocado, hummus and baby carrotsDSCI0007.JPG

Whole wheat wrap with a mixed spread of hummus, nutritional yeast and avocado with some spinach


I also did have baby carrots and almond butter as a post-work snack last night so I guess that's really where I started. Homework and yoga afternoon, see you for dinner!



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